The Ukrainian army continues to cut off the communications of the Russian group in the southern direction, – the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General Malomuzh

The de-occupation of Ukrainian territories did not end in the Kharkiv direction. This was the beginning of the offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the eastern and southern directions. This was announced on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Army General of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh.

Ukraine continues its strategic offensive. This is a complex operation that takes into account the forces and balance of forces of the enemy. The lack of reserves, the possibility of the enemy using high-precision military equipment in the Lugansk direction, partly in Donetsk and, of course, in Kherson, ” – the expert explained.

Malomuzh noted that the Russian occupation troops are retreating in the area of ​​the settlements of Lyman, Svatovo, and Kreminna.

“This is a node that makes it possible for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack Severodonetsk. This is the most important area where we are systematically successful,” – he said.

According to the expert, the Ukrainian army has successes in the Donetsk direction as well.

“This is the area of Sloviansk and Bakhmut. Where the enemy has powerful positions, but we are advancing and de-occupying some settlements, ” – he said.

The most important direction is the south of Ukraine, stressed Malomuzh.

“The south of Ukraine is an opportunity for conducting offensive operations and blocking a group of Russian invaders on the right bank of the Dnipro River, especially in Kherson, which creates conditions for encirclement. And now we are cutting off enemy communications: the transfer of new forces, firepower, ammunition, the supply of fuel, winter clothing and food. In fact, the enemy is completely blocked – this is a prerequisite for their encirclement and surrender. If the southern front, including Kherson, is also collapsing, this could be a breakthrough of a large front, the liberation of the south, and, possibly, movement towards the Crimea, ” – general emphasized.

According to the expert, the time factor plays a big role in the success of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Because the enemy is trying to transfer more or less combat-ready units from Siberia and the Urals. Well, quickly prepare the mobilized. The Russians have already thrown the unprepared to the front, they saw that they were surrendering, that they were in a panic. Therefore, now in Russia there are about eight training centers where mobilized people are trained, ” – he explained.

Malomuzh believes that October and November is the most important time for the de-occupation of the Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

“These prospects are being outlined. Planning is important here. This should not be a traditional offensive operation, but a very powerful maneuvering model: strikes from the flanks, from the rear, sabotage operations in the occupied territory. And, of course, attacks on warehouses, headquarters, communications, bridges – that should completely bleed the enemy and ensure systemic success. This is a big and hard job,” – summed up Mykola Malomuzh.

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