The Ukrainian Armed Forces hold bridgeheads on the left bank of the Kherson region – the occupiers are tightening their defenses: expert commentary

Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo:

The Russian occupiers are tightening their defenses in connection with the formation of bridgeheads of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region. This was stated by the speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South” Sergei Bratchuk on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The fact that today we have bridgeheads that are held by Ukrainian units on the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region is, of course, an alarming situation for the enemy, to put it mildly. And we see that certain forces have been accumulated there, there are reserves, in particular, of tank units. At least, the commander of this group of Russian occupation forces, General Teplinsky, keeps these tanks in reserve for now. The situation will show how they will be used in the near future. But at a minimum, we know about this 100%,” said Bratchuk.

According to him, the defense and battle formations are being consolidated due, among other things, to the motorized rifle units of the Russian Armed Forces.

“Due to the 104th Airborne Assault Division of the Russian occupation forces deployed there, and in fact already deployed, including for the reserve. Because Teplinsky’s paratrooper, among other things, relies on these units, which he knows better,” the speaker added.

Some battalions of this division, says Bratchuk, have already entered into combat with Ukrainian units as part of the same motorized rifle units. Also, according to him, some units of the so-called “Storm-z” unit operate there.

“The situation is truly alarming, because the occupiers’ control over the troops is impaired in a certain way. There are signs and facts of desertion, when people run away from positions and do not want to go on the offensive. And, in fact, when we talk about the fact that the Russians sometimes advance through their own minefields, we are also talking about the Kherson direction,” the broadcast guest noted.

In this direction, according to him, the Russian invaders have concentrated a serious group of troops, today it numbers approximately 70,000 personnel.

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As previously reported, Russian occupiers are concentrating forces on the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region. According to military observer Denis Popovich, Putin needs not only successes near Avdeevka in the Donetsk region, but also the elimination of the bridgehead on the left bank in the Kherson region.