The successor to Kadyrov will be prepared by the Kremlin, and not by the current head of Chechnya – the opinion of a human rights activist

Adam and Ramzan Kadyrov. Photo:

It is too early to say that the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is preparing his son Adam as his successor, because this issue will be decided exclusively in the Kremlin. Chechen human rights defender Abubakar Yangulbayev said this today, November 30, on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.

He noted that the history of awarding Adam Kadyrov with state awards demonstrates that to be successful in Chechnya, you need to be born in the “right family”, and personal merits and abilities are not important.

“But for now I would not talk about the fact that Kadyrov is preparing him for his place. He will not cook, they cook in the Kremlin themselves. Kadyrov would like to take the tradition of Saudi Arabia, where the whole country is renamed after one person, after the family of Saudi Arabia. And he probably wouldn’t mind renaming Chechnya to the Kadyrov Republic, as he did, for example, with his village of Khosi-Yurt, renaming it Akhmat in honor of his father. And it causes absolutely no problems for him. And he does not think that it violates even traditions. That is, his ancestors named and founded this village, and he decided after a huge amount of time to simply change it. He has no problems, i.e. neither shame nor conscience,” said Yangulbaev.

He does not rule out that in the future the Kremlin will replace Kadyrov with some technocrat.