The Slovak Foreign Ministry apologized to Ukraine for the Prime Minister’s joke about Transcarpathia

Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok apologized for Prime Minister Igor Matovic’s joke about Transcarpathia in exchange for a Russian vaccine.

The Slovak official wrote about it on Facebook, informs UATV.

“Today I talked to my Ukrainian partner, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba. I apologized to him for the inappropriate statements of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovic about Ukraine. Just a few days ago in Kyiv we had a very good talk about how to develop further our relations, “writes Korcok.

Previously Slovakia received the first batch of Sputnik V without waiting for the drug to be registered in the European Union. In one of the radio broadcasts, in response to a journalist’s question about what Slovakia promised Russia for the supply of the vaccine, Matovic replied:

“Transcarpathian Ukraine.”

He immediately noted that this was a joke.

Dmytro Kuleba called the statement of the Slovak Prime Minister incorrect and unfriendly.