The Russians focus on cheap “shakhed” attacks for shelling Ukrainian territory, – a military observer

Iranian kamikaze drones "Shahed-136". Photo:

Russia continues to accumulate ammunition, and during the shelling of Ukrainian territory, emphasis is placed on kamikaze drones. Military commentator Ivan Popovych stated this today, December 4, on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.

He believes that the Russian occupiers can launch massive attacks at any moment, without waiting for severe frosts.

“I think that the accumulation of ammunition continues… “Shahed” attacks are really cheap for the Russian Federation, they are capable of causing damage. Shahed, which were shot down, fell somewhere. That is, they achieved some goals, unfortunately, we just haven’t heard about the consequences yet. They can be very widely used. And most of all, now we see that they are improving. “Just yesterday, there was a very alarming report that an enhanced warhead was found on one of the drones, which would be particularly dangerous when hitting the premises – residential buildings, administrative buildings,” said Popovych.

He also recalled that the Russian occupiers started using the GSM module to correct Shahed flights in the airspace of Ukraine. Before that, there was information that the kamikaze drones received a carbon coating and were painted black, which reduces the possibility of their timely detection.

“Obviously, for the time being, they will rely on these means of destruction, keeping missile strikes in reserve. I think that missile strikes are a matter of time, and, apparently, quite close,” said the military observer.