The Russians are trying to protect their aviation from growing threats from Ukraine – details from an expert

Protective hangars for aviation at the Marinovka airfield in the Volgograd region. Photo: Google

Hangars are being built at Russian airfields to protect aviation. These shelters are designed to prevent attacks from drones and cluster munitions, as well as to hide the exact location from satellite reconnaissance. Aviation expert Konstantin Krivolap reported this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“A fairly simple idea, such systems are used, by and large, all over the world; in the same desert, when it’s hot to stand in the open sun, they put up such arches. However, the main idea is to hide the location of the aircraft,” he said

Krivolap explained that it would be quite difficult for drones to accurately determine the location of the aircraft under such a canopy.

“A machine-guided drone using elements of artificial intelligence allows you to identify and distinguish targets. By comparing several pixels of the image, it can be established that this is exactly the target that needs to be hit. It’s impossible to determine this with hangars,” he noted.

The expert also told us what other threats such Russian hangars can protect against.

“Do you know how meshes protect against FPV drones? When the kinetic energy of the device itself, which carries the charge, is not enough to break through the mesh, the hangar will protect against this. That is, an explosion will occur on its surface. If ATACMS with cluster warheads are fired at this airfield, the energy of the warheads will be extinguished on the hangar shell itself. This is all. It seems to me that the main thing is to hide the place where the planes are from satellite reconnaissance,” summed up Konstantin Krivolap.

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Let us recall that the day before, the Ukrainian Military Center reported that at the Marinovka airfield in the Volgograd region, 300 km from the border, Russia began to build protective hangars.