The minimum number of destroyed Russian heavy military equipment per day is 10 units, – expert

Ivan Stupak. Photo:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are actively destroying not only the personnel of the Russian Army, but also heavy equipment. Russia has enough of this resource and may be enough for two years of active hostilities. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by military analyst, SBU employee (2004-2015) Ivan Stupak.

“Unfortunately, Russia has the technology. There is still quite a lot of it. There will be enough for two years of active hostilities. They will produce something on their own, everything else is the reactivation of the old, bringing it into combat-ready form. This is “military-industrial cannibalism,” when out of three tanks they make one normal one, and the remaining two remain in a dilapidated state,” he explained.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively destroying enemy equipment at the front. The average per day is 25-30 units.

“The minimum number of destroyed Russian equipment per day, with all possible photo and video evidence, is 10 units. This is only heavy equipment. Plus also “loaves”, ATVs, motorcycles, which are used to move military equipment. But, unfortunately, they have enough of this resource,” Stupak said.

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