The Kremlin does not plan a full-scale invasion of Ukraine – Ponomariov

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Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to maintain influence in the post-Soviet space.

This opinion was expressed by former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev on the air of the program “Ukraine in fact” on UA ​​TV channel.

According to him, today Putin’s main goal is Belarus.

“For Putin, it makes sense to seize the same Belarus, to act aggressively and harshly in Kazakhstan, against Ukraine, and so on. But they also need to somehow explain to their own citizens, where relatives live, on what grounds Russia will deploy troops and take other actions. That’s why: “You know, an aggressive bloc, the enemy is at the gate, we are threatened, we are just defending ourselves, we are only responding to actions that we are not doing at all” – he said.

As previously reported, NATO is ready for a new armed conflict in the event of failure of negotiations with Russia.

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