“The European Union has never faced such a war”: military expert commented on the pace of supplies of weapons and equipment to Ukraine

In the process of transferring large volumes of equipment and weapons to Ukraine by European countries, there are objective obstacles. But there is no reason to talk about slower pace. This opinion was voiced on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by military expert Sergei Grabsky.

“In terms of the fact that we are being delayed in the transfer of weapons, military equipment, I do not agree. Equipment and weapons have been handed over to us and are being handed over in fairly large quantities. And there are objective obstacles to this, that’s for sure. First, no one was preparing for such a war. And there is simply no such volume of weapons, military equipment, ”the expert explained.

Even what is at the storage bases requires certain preparation efforts and finances, Grabsky emphasized.

He recalled that almost all weapons and military equipment of the so-called Soviet models were transferred to Ukraine. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually switching to Western-style equipment and weapons.

“You need to understand that, for example, in Germany, this is data from open sources, there are only 336 tanks, if I’m not mistaken, in the UK – 266 tanks. Poland is a country that has only 600 artillery installations. That is, in the same place, no one kept these tanks in service, military equipment was constantly in readiness. Everything must be put in order, it must be organized, ”the military expert explained.

He recalled that work with partners is underway. And even such a seemingly small victory in the Swiss issue is very significant for Ukraine.

“Switzerland will not mind if the Leopards, which were in its arsenal and bought out by a third country, are transferred to Ukraine. This is progress as well. Weapons, military equipment are constantly being transferred to us, and we are also waging this war today, ”the expert added.

In his opinion, Europe, as a single democratic institution, is trying to find a compromise in order not to be drawn into the war and ensure its national security.

“More and more people in Europe already understand that the national security of Europe directly depends on Ukraine. And once again: Europe has never faced such a war as we have now in its history, namely in the history of the European Union. And so they just might not know how to react to it. But at the same time they do not leave Ukraine. And even look at the amount of assistance that is provided. Please count the people that Europe trains at its training grounds. Therefore, I would be more careful in my assessments, saying that they do not help us or do not want to help, ”summed up Grabsky.

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