The destruction of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet is not only a military, but also a political blow to Russia, – expert

Ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Photo:

Ukraine continues to dominate the waters of the Black Sea, destroying ships of the Russian fleet. This was announced today, December 5, by military expert Serhii Grabskyi on the FREEDOM TV channel

“This is not only a great damage from a military point of view, but also a great political damage – in Russia there are only four operational-strategic units, which are called fleets, and Ukraine multiplied one of these fleets by zero. Now they have no right to be called a fleet, since there are no ships of the first rank. We can say that they only have a flotilla left,” he said.

The military expert noted that the damage and losses of the Russian fleet seriously limited the enemy in the Black Sea.

“This allows us to conduct grain convoys, to continue the movement of civilian ships without coordination with Russia, which the aggressor country is trying to prevent by fighting precisely with civilian ships. It mines the waters of the Black Sea, and this is a vile policy,” Grabsky emphasized.

At the same time, he emphasized that Russia is in constant danger of losing its fleet objects moving through the Black Sea.

“We will see how effectively and how quickly we can destroy them. There is a constant principle of call and response. We are developing naval drones, Russia is trying to counter it, we are creating long-range weapons systems, Russia is trying to defend itself. Currently, we are leading in this game, dominating the Black Sea,” concluded Serhiy Grabskyi.