The competition between Germany and France in the field of security is useful for Western Europe and the European continent as a whole, – political scientist

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Germany and France compete with each other for leadership in terms of security in Europe. Political scientist, head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies Igor Chalenko agreed with this statement on the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to him, it was not by chance that French leader Emmanuel Macron decided to raise the problem of the pan-European security system.

“I think Macron’s statement (about the possibility of using Western troops in Ukraine – ed.) is also based on this. Just based on Scholz’s reaction. And according to the same Taurus, what is happening. Since Germany positioned itself as a certain incentive for European NATO countries to increase security costs above 2% of GDP, since this is a decision within the NATO bloc. And in principle, Scholz showed himself how these issues are resolved,” Chalenko said.

But, the political scientist noted, Scholz’s decisions today are not proactive enough even from the point of view of the German establishment.

“The Bundestag decision called on Scholz to allocate long-range missiles [to Ukraine], without naming Taurus, but nonetheless. But the European Parliament directly and clearly indicated the Taurus and what will Scholz answer now? His words that this weapon could strike somewhere in Moscow do not stand up to criticism. I think this is an attempt to suspend this topic in the current situation, but I do not exclude that at further stages, I am even sure of this, Taurus will be transferred to Ukraine. And now this competition between Germany and France in the field of security is useful, absolutely useful, for Western Europe and the security system on the European continent as a whole,” he said.

Chalenko believes that Ukraine could play its key role in this situation.

“And we must make the most of this moment, this competition: from a tactical point of view, by getting what is necessary for the front, but in the strategic concept, mind you, our U24 concept is spelled out both in the agreement with Germany and in the agreement with France. In all 6 agreements signed at this stage. In fact, we are creating the foundation of a new security vertical, a new security matrix in the European part of the world,” summed up the head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies.

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Let us recall, as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, Ukraine will welcome the initiatives of world leaders aimed at strengthening the Ukrainian army on the battlefield and the country’s stability in the fight against the aggressor – Russia.