The Canadian government is being called on to join the “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine

The shadow Defense Minister of Canada James Bezan informed about this, according to the Ukrinform news agency.

“The Conservative Party of Canada believes in conducting a policy based on principles and in keeping with our good tradition of helping all those countries which are seeking peace, freedom and security. Given this, we are calling l on the Trudeau government to support a long-term assistance package to Ukraine, which was proposed by Lithuania in close partnership with the EU,” said Bezan.

According to him, the proposed package of assistance “will strengthen Ukraine’s relations with its western allies and will provide the most necessary investments for economic development and political reform”. “Canada has to work with the EU and NATO on supporting Ukraine and bringing Russian authorities to justice for their illegal military aggression in Ukraine,” the MP said.

Previously, the Lithuanian government delegation during its visit to Ottawa at the end of last year actively raised the issue calling on Canada to participate in the multi-billion dollar investment plan of Ukraine.