The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a program for managing the spent nuclear fuel

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The government has approved a state economic program for the management of the spent nuclear fuel until year 2025.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal told this in his Telegram acocunt, UA informs.

The program was developed on the basis of the relevant directive of the European Union, its main goal is safety in the sphere of nuclear energy, as well as energy independence of Ukraine.

The key point of the program is the construction and operation in the exclusion zone of the Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility from Rivne, South-Ukrainian and Khmelnitsky NPPs.

“To date, Ukraine has been exporting its spent nuclear fuel from three of its nuclear power plants to Russia, and it has cost the Energoatom enterprise about $ 200 million a year. Now these funds can be used for the technological development of our nuclear power plants, and most importantly, Ukraine will no longer depend on the aggressor country in matters of nuclear safety. This is an important step on the eve of the 30th anniversary of our independence” – Shmyhal added.

Earlier, the government reduced electricity tariffs for Ukrainians.

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