The battle of the shield and the sword: a military-political expert spoke about the possibilities of Russia to carry out missile terror in Ukraine

The Russian Federation constantly terrorizes the population of Ukraine, shelling peaceful cities from various types of weapons. Attacks on Kyiv with ballistic, hypersonic and cruise missiles are intensifying. Russia currently has less than 100 “Kynzhals” hypersonic missiles in service. Military-political expert Yury Fedorov spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“As for the “Kynzhals”, so far Russia has such missiles, and they are capable of producing them. At the beginning of the year, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced how many missiles Russia has. These figures can be compared with those that Reznikov published two or three months before. This means that one can imagine approximately how many missiles Russia can produce per month. It turns out that Russia can produce one or two “Kynzhals” per month. But this is a rather complicated rocket. Russia does not have so many of them at all, less than a hundred for sure, ”he explained.

Russia uses various types of missiles, which it continues to produce in sufficient quantities. Ukrainian Air Defense (Air Defense) copes with attacks, knocking down almost all targets.

“As for the Iskanders and Kalibers, these are the main missiles that are used. But they are produced somewhere around 20 – 30 units per month. It’s good that the air defense of Ukraine shoots them down. Even these vaunted “Kynzhals” are being destroyed by American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (“Patriot”). Therefore, there is a competition between the shield and the sword. But as I understand it, the shield, that is, the air defense of Ukraine, in general, wins,” Fedorov said.

But even if a missile is shot down, its wreckage can lead to the destruction of infrastructure and casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine.

“Air defense shoots down missiles, but debris falls on cities, which is also very bad. But this is not half a ton of explosives [as when hit by a whole rocket]. And, accordingly, fewer people suffer, die or get injured, ”the expert concluded.

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