The Bakhmut and Lyman-Kupiansk directions are seriously different — the explanation of a military expert

The two directions — Bakhmut and Lyman-Kupyansk — differ quite seriously. If we talk about Lymano-Kupianskyi, then near Lyman, the enemy’s task is to throw the Ukrainian army behind the Stary Oskil river, behind a water obstacle (expressed in military language). Bakhmut is another story. Military expert, founder of the charity organization “Reaktivna poshta” Pavlo Narozhnyi told about this today, November 22, on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.

According to his information, in the Lymano-Kupian direction, the Russian occupiers are endlessly storming the Serebryansky forest.

“The Lyman direction differs from all other directions of Donbas in that there is a lot of forest there. The rest of Donbas is mostly steppe, it is extremely difficult to find any large plantation there, and there is a huge forest. In this forest, as one of my acquaintances put it, “Ukrainian paratroopers of the 95th brigade are teaching the Russian army the basics of tactics.” In other words, they are purposefully destroyed. The enemy cannot develop any success there, absolutely,” says Narozhny.

As for the Bakhmut direction, according to a military expert, there is mostly steppe and the most important moment is that the Ukrainian army has occupied all the dominant heights.

“It is very convenient for us to destroy the Russian army from these heights. And the creeping offensive continues in this direction. It cannot be said that it is fast, that we cover kilometers in a day. We walk hundreds of meters a day, but we walk. A very well-motivated, probably one of the best infantry brigades of the Ukrainian army – the 3rd Assault Brigade – works there. A creeping offensive continues there, not as fast as on the left bank of the Dnieper, but still continuing,” he says.

Narozhny noted that Bakhmut itself is under the control of the Rosarmy, but storming this city is a pointless task.

“It is to go into the city and conduct city battles in the city. Everything that happens happens in the villages. And the Ukrainian army tightens its grip on Bakhmut. In Bakhmut, there is almost no intact building left, because the Russians, when storming Ukrainian cities, demolish houses. And Bakhmut is a ghost town at the moment, and the Rosarmy is in it. There is no point in storming it, it is necessary to surround it and the group that is in the city, just to smoke it out of there,” concluded Pavlo Narozhny.