The Armed Forces use software products to conduct combat operations, and this field is actively developing in Ukraine – Expert

Valery Yakovenko. Photo:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine actively use various software to solve tasks on the battlefield, in the rear, as well as when building analytics. This field is actively developing. Today, December 6, the co-founder of DroneUA, an expert in the field of unmanned technologies and robotics Valery Yakovenko, spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The Armed Forces have several software products that are used to keep soldiers on the ground informed about situations happening right next to them. There are many such systems. There is a separate system for informing about the situation and finding certain objects near you. There are separate systems that work with analysis. Ukraine is doing very well with this,” he said.

In Russia’s war against Ukraine, various types of drones are actively used by both the Armed Forces and enemy forces. Drones are tools for solving a multitude of tasks — from gathering information to inflicting damage.

“The main and first task of drones is to obtain information. Basically, this is a window for all those systems that can analyze information. Ukraine has built all its capabilities, when drones using satellite terminals, which the occupiers do not have, broadcast all information to the object so that the General Staff has all the information quickly and can make the right decisions. And drones are a tool for performing certain actions,” the expert emphasized.

Robotics using artificial intelligence is actively developing in Ukraine.

“When we talk about the evolution of the development of robotics, the drones that are currently used involve their use in conditions of total suppression of navigation systems, without control of autonomous target identification systems, and so on. All this happens with the use of various components, innovative systems, which we popularly call the system of artificial intelligence,” Yakovenko said.