The activity of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea is very large, the aviation is trying to collect intelligence

Five Russian missile carriers, two of which are submarines, are on combat duty in the Black Sea. The total salvo of Calibers can reach 32 missiles. This is a fairly high threat of missile danger, which is why Ukrainian defenders carefully monitor the activity of enemy aircraft. This was announced today, March 16, by the head of the United Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Nataliya Humenyuk, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The activity is now very convincing, very large, as the ship group is represented by 21 units in the Black Sea. This may be related to both the search and reconnaissance operations after the incident over the Black Sea, in which Russia is trying to find the remains of a downed drone. It may also be related to increasing presence in connection with requests that a US ship may enter the Black Sea for search purposes,” she said.

Humenyuk noted that an air raid warning has sounded twice today over the entire territory of Ukraine.

“This indicates that the aviation is trying to collect intelligence data. I remind you that the enemy is currently looking for new methods of influence, chooses other tactics that may be more effective for him, and is very serious about countering our air defense system,” says the head of the United Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine.

According to her, now the pause between massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine, based on previous practices, can be 10-14 days.

“But we remember that the number of missiles in the enemy’s army is decreasing all the time, and such a massive use of them, in principle, as on the 9th, it was more than half a billion dollars thrown into the wind. Despite the fact that they caused some damage to energy facilities in our country, we are recovering too quickly for them, so it is unlikely that they will use the tactics of a massive missile strike. But such a number of ready-to-launch missile carriers in the Black Sea may indicate that point tactics may be used, that is, when strikes are carried out on specifically selected targets, not in waves of missiles, but in several regions in order to disperse our air defense forces. Our task now is to carefully monitor the enemy’s maneuvers and calculate his tactics based on analytics,” Humenyuk said.

She also added that the search for Ukrainian air defense systems is carried out by the enemy according to classic methods. In addition, the enemy agency relies on informers, but Ukrainian defenders continue counter-subversive work with their detection, which also gives results. The Russians failed to detect or destroy Ukrainian air defense systems.