Swine flu pandemic, gas war: results of 2009 in Ukraine

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2009 was marked by a swine flu epidemic. People created homemade masks, and quarantine was introduced in the country. The gas war with Russia also went down in history – then the Russian Federation raised fuel prices for Ukraine.

We tell about it in the new issue of the documentary series “30 years of Independence” on the UA TV channel.

H1N1 or California flu – it came to the American state from Mexico at the beginning of the year. The virus is known to cause pneumonia, the most vulnerable group – young and healthy.

The WHO has warned of the epidemic since spring, but panic came to Ukraine in the autumn – along with seasonal flu.

Since last year, Ukraine has experienced a global financial crisis. Saving the financial system, the National Bank of Ukraine banned early payment of deposits. UAH 145 billion of “people’s” money turned out to be “frozen”.

In this crisis, 12 banks will go bankrupt in the country.

The average salary in 2009 was UAH 2,000 – USD 250 at the new rate. With the economic crisis, the almost eight-year era of “dollar for five” has ended. The era of “dollar for eight” is coming.

In 2009, the term “letters of happiness” appears in Ukraine – drivers massively receive messages about fines by mail. Half of them were recorded by the new Vizir device.

On January 1, 2009, Russia demonstratively turns the gas valve. A gas war begins with Ukraine. Formally, it is not the first – gas was already cut off to Ukraine in January 2006. But then it lasted four days, after which an intermediary appeared between the countries – RosUkrEnergo – and gas prices rose from USD 50 to 95 per thousand cubic meters.

But now the amounts large at times and the valves are closed for almost three weeks. Two dozen countries of the European Union are being held hostage because gas goes there through Ukraine.