Substantial US Naval Movements Reported Off the Syrian Coast

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Only a few weeks after the international outrage over the Skripal poisoning case that put the international community at odds with Moscow – this time, the crimes committed by the Russian backed regime of Syria led by Bashar al-Assad are taking the already present tension to another level.

Donald Trump’s administration has already declared that all military options are on the table, and that it is in constant communication with Paris and London in order to best solve the situation.

It was reported on several occasions already that the USS Donald Cook – which hit a Syrian military airbase last year with Tomahawk missiles – has first responded to a port-call in Cyprus and is now moving off the Syrian coast. It has also been reported that Russian fighter jets continuously operate low altitude flights near the warship in what appears to be a defying attitude.

In addition the US government is reported to have dispatched the USN Carrier Strike Group 8 to the Mediterranean composed of no less than 10 warships: the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier, the Carrier Air Wing VII, the USS Hué City missile cruiser, six Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, and a Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate.



Two resolutions respectively introduced by the U.S. and by Russia in the United Nations have been rejected, and it appears as if diplomatic channels are, for now, not bearing any fruit.