“Southern development strategy” forum: what do they plan to build in Kherson region

Photo: kanaldom.tv

The investment forum “Southern development strategy” is taking place in Kherson region. The investment projects aimed at becoming the basis for development of the southern regions of Ukraine will be presented there.

UATV reports this, referring to the DOM TV.

Construction of the Southern Ukrainian center for transplantology in the city of Kherson, renovation of the “Kherson” airport, and arable lands amelioration projects are among them.

“President Zelenskyy said that this region is of the strategic importance. The investments should come to the region; the corresponding logistics should be introduced. And I’m talking about not only tourism. If we are talking about big infrastructure projects, a multifunctional hospital can become the first one. It might also include a college and university for the people from Crimea could obtain knowledge”, – first deputy minister for foreign affairs Emine Dzhaparova noted.

DOM TV channel is a media partner of the event.

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