Some ideas about winter recreation in Ukraine

Internet portal Pro Lviv released a selection of the best places for winter recreation in Ukraine.


The famous Dykanka from the story of Gogol “The Night Before Christmas” is located in the Poltava oblast. The main attraction of the area is a triumphal arch, built of brick in 1820 in honor of the arrival of Tsar Aleksandr. There is also the Museum of Gogol, where you can meet Christmas. The National Museum-Reserve of Nikolai Gogol is an ideal place for winter recreation if you are tired of the gloomy urbanism of cities and you dream of spending time in the romantic coziness of a rural winter wonderland. It is a complex of buildings, as well as landscapes, recreated and reconstructed according to plans, memoirs, letters of contemporaries, old paintings, sketches and drawings of the writer. The museum collection of the complex includes more than 7,000 drawings, photos and video materials, exhibits, decorative and applied objects, and much more.

Festival “Chervene Vyno” in Mukacheve

“Chervene Vyno” is an annual home wine festival, which has long since become the hallmark card of Transcarpathia. Since 1996, it has been held in the town of Mukacheve on the Old New Year. Each guest of the festival receives a free informational brochure about the event, which provides general information about wine-growers and the location of their vineyards. Here you can freely taste the wines of the best Transcarpathian varieties and buy the ones that are most to your taste. In addition, “Chervene Vyno” is a real folk festival with a whole series of contests, Christmans carols, songs and prize drawings.


Ethnopark “Shevchenkivskiy Hai”, Lviv oblast

This is a wonderful place for winter recreation. The ethnopark “Shevchenkivskiy Hai” gives an ancient, colorful hue of Ukrainian customs and traditions. This place has for many years been a place of interesting tours, various entertaining game quests and master classes. The entire territory of Shevchenkivskiy Hai  is divided into six small villages, which gather around 120 signifiant sites of folk architecture from the western regions of Ukraine: Boykivshchyna, Rivne, Transcarpathia, Lemkivshchyna, Lviv, Bukovyna, Pokuttya, Hutsulshchyna, Polissya and Volyn. At various locations of the museum master classes on weaving, soap making, playing authentic musical instruments, baking bread in the oven and much more are constantly held.


Malanka Festival, Bukovyna

Malanka in Bukovyna is an enchanting dramatized carnival, in which  young and older men take part. Local people write original scenarios of the holiday and create costumes and masks with their own hands. On January 14, this event takes place on the streets of the town. Due to its unique, turbulent atmosphere, the festival attracts thousands of visitors from Bukovyna and all throughout Ukraine. The Malanka Festival is an ideal opportunity to have a winter vacation that will be loads of fun and memorable in the style of ancient Ukrainian traditions.


Radomyshl Museum-Castle in Radomyshl

For those who want to make their winter vacation unique, this place should definitely be visited. An excursion to the castle in Radomysl will make you feel like a hero of a real medieval fairy tale. Authentic interiors of the 17th and 19th centuries, the old paper mill and the museum of home icons are ready to open up their secrets and riches to all those who so desire. The Concert Hall of the castle is an ideal place for concerts and festivals of chamber, folk and medieval music. International exhibitions, unique expositions and master classes held in the exhibition halls of the castle will not leave true connoisseurs of art indifferent.