Sixth meeting of EU-Ukraine Subcommittee on Trade and Sustainable Development took place

The Sixth meeting of the EU-Ukraine Subcommittee on Trade and Sustainable Development took place in Kyiv via a video conference facility, with discussion sessions on institutional issues, including the formation of a group of experts, as well as issues of trade and employment, and climate change under the devastating impact of russian aggression against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation reported on the progress of reforms in the field of labour relations, safety and health. Particular attention was paid to maintaining employment during martial law. In 2022, the territorial bodies of the State Labour Service of Ukraine were reformed. 22 territorial offices in the regions were liquidated and 8 interregional territorial offices of the State Labour Service were established, which reduced the number of administrative and management staff, while increasing the number of labour and safety inspectors.

The parties also discussed the importance of implementing commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change. Important issues included the damage caused to the environment by russia’s armed aggression and the steps being taken to mitigate it. The parties also outlined the work on drafting a framework law “On the basic principles of climate policy of Ukraine” and discussed the consequences of the impact of russian aggression on the environment.

The parties will continue cooperation on issues covered by Chapter 13 “Trade and Sustainable Development” of the Association Agreement and will return to consideration of a draft Decision on Establishment of a Group of Experts on Trade and Sustainable Development, in accordance with Article 301(3), in the fourth quarter of 2023, with a view to employing the full group of 15 experts at once after completion of the necessary procedural steps by both Parties.

On March 14, 2023, an open Civil Society Forum will be held. During the event, representatives of the Subcommittee will inform the Forum participants about the issues discussed during the Sixth meeting and the agreements reached following its results.