Shoigu will not have the weight that Patrushev had in the Russian Security Council – opinion

Olga Kurnosova. Photo:

Putin sent Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to a calmer position – head of the Russian Security Council. However, in this post, the former head of the Ministry of Defense will not be allowed to do everything that Patrushev, close to the Russian dictator, could afford to do. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by political analyst and editor-in-chief of the After Empire portal Olga Kurnosova.

She believes that Shoigu lost his place because the promises he made about “Kyiv in three days” and others were not fulfilled.

“It’s clear that Shoigu himself is unlikely to be imprisoned. Yes, he was sent, if not to a retired position, then to a more or less quiet place. Because, of course, the Security Council will be completely different without Patrushev, Shoigu will not be able to do as much as Patrushev did, in the sense that he simply does not have access to Putin’s ear,” Kurnosova said.

According to her, Shoigu will have a very weak position in the Security Council and now criminal cases may be launched against those whom he patronized.

“All his subordinates understand that he does not save them from anything. And, by and large, everyone will look at who needs to be adapted to, who can really be a “roof,” because Shoigu has ceased to be such a “roof,” the analyst expressed her opinion.

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Let us remind you that unexpected changes have occurred in the Russian government. Despite the fact that the list of ministers has hardly been updated, Russians were surprised by the personality of the new defense minister. After the illegal “inauguration,” Vladimir Putin deprived his friend Sergei Shoigu of the post of Minister of Defense. His place will be taken by economist Andrei Belousov.