Security forces are increasing their influence on the Russian dictator, – Russian oppositionist

Vladimir Putin (at the center). Photo:

In the Russian Federation, recently there has been an increasing influence of the security bloc on President Vladimir Putin, which leads to increased repression and mass purges. Russian opposition politician Sergei Kovalev stated this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“It seems to me that recently there has been some kind of shift in emphasis. The group we call the siloviki has gained much more influence over the president than those relatively vegetarian people who work in the presidential administration,” he said.

In his opinion, it is precisely because of this “shift of emphasis” that phenomena such as mass purges, including spontaneous memorials in memory of Alexei Navalny, are increasingly observed.

“When people start to be punished for laying flowers, well, this is a diagnosis of the system, for the umpteenth time, really… But this time you just can’t find the words how to deal with it. Not in a Christian way, as they say,” emphasized Kovalev.

As he noted, a significant part of Russian citizens do not agree with the actions of the regime.

“I would determine that about a quarter of the Russian population, quietly or loudly, still supports the opposition. Of course, mostly quietly, because in Russia speaking loudly means either ending up in prison or being fired from your job. Therefore, there is an opposition movement, and it seems to me that it will now be consolidated in connection with the terrible tragic events that have occurred,” summed up Sergei Kovalev.

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