Scientists come nearer the discovery of quantum internet

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Physicists have developed a new method for the transfer of large volumes of long-range quantum data. The research findings may lead to the future development of quantum networks, such as the global quantum Internet.

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Scientist Michael Zwerger and his colleagues from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) published an article on a new method of long-distance quantum communication.

“The greatest value of our work is that we provide an efficient and scalable design for long-range quantum communication, which will be an important component of the future quantum Internet, where large volumes of quantum data can be transmitted,” Zwerger explained.

The new method is based on the use of an alternative type of quantum repeater – a device that generates quantum confusion in remote points of a quantum network to combat signal loss. This allows you to transmit quantum data over long distances using a relatively small amount of resources.

“Think about the Internet over the years, the data transmission has skyrocketed. You can imagine quantum Internet, where not the classical data is transmitted, but quantum information… This is where our offer becomes relevant,” Zwerger said.

In the future, researchers are planning to expand the use of new quantum repeaters to work with larger networks.

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