Sanctions weaken Russia’s defense potential in terms of weapons production, – political expert

The sanctions regime and the isolation of Russia, even if not complete, limit the capabilities of the Russian defense industry. And this suggests that the strategy announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin – about the possible prolongation of the war – can be dangerous for Russia itself. This was stated by political scientist Vladimir Fesenko in an interview with the FREEDOM TV channel.

Because, although the Russian Federation has a lot of oil and gas, and other natural resources, there are problems with technology and military production.

“There is hysteria in Russia about this [news about the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine by partners]. They understand that the balance of power, including military-technical resources, is changing not in favor of Russia. It is already noticeable that they have become worse with ammunition, with heavy equipment, and the potential of Ukraine in this regard is increasing. Ukraine also has problems with ammunition, the West was not ready for this war, but the overall balance is not in favor of Russia, hence the hysteria of Russian propagandists and threats. But this is rhetoric, but in reality they are afraid,” says Fesenko.

According to the political scientist, nevertheless, in Russia they are thinking what to oppose to Western weapons.

“Here is the episode when Putin ran into the head of Russian industry at a recent online meeting. In Russia, they paid attention to this. And the problem is that, on the one hand, it seems that the Russian defense industry, as they say, works in three shifts, they are trying to increase the production of a wide variety of weapons. Armored vehicles are often still Soviet. And the former Russian President Medvedev threw a tantrum that, they say, “you see, the Ukrainians, together with their allies, are modernizing more Soviet tanks, more T-72s. Why don’t we upgrade? We also need it!” Fesenko said.

All this, according to him, is evidence that the Russians are trying to establish defense production, but they also lack shells, there are already not enough missiles, and there is a shortage in a number of types of weapons.

“And here comes the effect of sanctions, especially technological sanctions. Because the sanctions regime weakens Russia’s defense potential precisely in terms of the production of new modern weapons. They, in particular, have problems with aviation, which Putin is already paying attention to. So they are trying to strengthen military production, to expand it,” summed up Vladimir Fesenko.