Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast was not unexpected – Pentagon

Illustrative image. Photo: 72nd Mechanized Brigade

The Pentagon reveals that Ukraine was aware of Russia’s plans in the Kharkiv oblast.

Deputy Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh stated this during a briefing on May 13.

“Russia has launched an offensive in and around Kharkiv — the Kharkiv region. That’s not something that was unexpected, it’s something that the Ukrainians were also expecting,” Singh noted.

She added that the United States is doing everything it can to make sure Ukraine has what it needs.

When asked whether Kharkiv was in danger of falling, Singh only stated that the offensive is “very aggressive” but the US believes Ukrainians will successfully repel Russian attacks. However, she mentioned that the current situation is the result of the US inablity to provide essential assistance for many months.

“I think you saw what was unfortunate, because we were not able to provide Ukraine with PDAs or drawdown authority for a number of months due to the delay in passing the supplemental. They did suffer from that. And we did see them lose some territory to the Russians,” the spokesperson said.

Еarlier, the White House said that Russian forces would continue to advance in the northern Kharkiv region, but they would not achieve “major breakthroughs”.

On 10 May, Russian forces started a new operation in the Kharkiv oblast.

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