Russian invasion of Ukraine has reached a dead end – opinion of a military expert

Russian military personnel. Photo:

The Russian army is at a strategic impasse, since at best it can carry out offensive actions to level the front line and improve its tactical position. We are not talking about large-scale operations. This opinion was expressed by military expert Yan Matveev live on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“In essence, the adventure – this whole invasion – it has certainly reached a dead end in its semantic meaning. It is unrealistic for the Russian army to radically increase its forces, doubling or tripling its force in the foreseeable future. And without this, some big offensives on Kharkiv, on Odesa, on the Dnieper from all sides, if you look at Kyiv, maybe something else – global offensive operations that would force Ukraine to surrender as a state, as a military force – this very difficult to imagine. And this is unlikely to happen,” he is sure.

According to the expert, this is a strategic dead end for the Russian army.

“In general, the Russian army has only one prospect left: to try to defend itself or, perhaps, to advance a little somewhere, level up, improve its positions, hold the occupied territories and force Ukraine to negotiate, somehow try to force it to give up the fight, and so on. This can be called a kind of dead end, strategic, global for the army,” said Yan Matveev.

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