“Russian intelligence still has potential”: how this network works, – expert explained

The intelligence network of the Russian Federation in the world was formed during the Soviet era. Now Russia is trying to organize this work, Mykola Malomuzh, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2005-2010), said on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

Scouts extract technological and military secrets, and establish ties with government officials and businesses.

“This is a global network, which included the recruitment of the highest political leaders of the EU countries and countries of the world. This is not only Europe, this is the USA, this is Canada, this is Latin America, this is, of course, the Arab East, and, of course, other countries. This is the promotion of agents from youth. They recruited them from their student days, then they took government positions in government, military structures, and intelligence agencies,” Malomuzh said.

During the war, intelligence intensified, this is manifested, for example, in decisions on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the expert says.

“This is a systematic work that Russia is trying to establish further today. Therefore, we see that some countries take a decision or take a neutral position towards Ukraine, or refuse to supply weapons or transit, for example, or even humanitarian aid, ”said the guest on the air.

Malomuzh believes that the intelligence of the Russian Federation still has potential, although it has been shaken.

“Very deep agents of a particularly high class, which were still in the Union or formed in the early stages of Russia, they still exist in many authorities in Europe in political structures, military structures and, of course, technology centers and businesses. This, of course, is very dangerous for those countries, and for NATO as a whole, and, of course, for Ukraine. Because we see that they are still trying in the information sphere to form a position of fatigue regarding support for Ukraine,” Malomuzh said.