Russian imperialism is stuck in the minds of Russians, – political strategist

The vast majority of citizens of the Russian Federation do not know the history of their country, but they firmly believe that the territories seized earlier are primordially Russian lands. Political consultant and writer Mikhail Sheitelman stated this on air of the FREEDOM TV channel. Putin still believes that he is in charge of the USSR, and the Russians elected him to gather all these territories into one state.

“Unfortunately, the vast majority of Russians do not know at all and do not remember what country they live in and where this country is located. And also President Vladimir Putin also does not know which country he leads. And it shows up every day in every word. Putin decided that he was in charge of the entire Soviet territory, which was called the USSR. He believes that the people of the Soviet Union elected him, elected him president, ”says Sheitelman.

The political strategist is convinced that Putin could not win the elections either in Ukraine, or in Kazakhstan, or even in Belarus.

“He is nobody for these people, he is very unsuitable for all countries. He forgets that when the Soviet Union collapsed, not one country was formed, but 15. And the population of the remaining 14 countries is larger than the population of the Russian Federation. He is the president of a fairly small country – the Russian Federation, but on the map it looks like a big spot. But this is a small economy, this is no science, there is a complete lack of culture,” the expert says.

Sheitelman stressed that Putin thinks that he is an emperor and the Russians have the same feeling.

“I don’t know which of them infected whom, either Putin’s Russians, or Putin’s Russians. They say “we are a great country”. But when did they become like this, if there have been no achievements in 33 years of existence. Not a single Russian can name a single achievement in the 33 years of their country. But they attribute to themselves the history of other countries that were on this territory, but have nothing to do with them. This is what is called virtual imperialism,” said the guest on the air.

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