Russian FSB Continues Raids on Crimean Tatar Homes

Photo Krym.Realii


The Federal Security Service of Russia, the FSB, conducted several early morning raids on the homes of Crimean Tatars in illegally occupied Crimea.

According to Crimean Solidarity, the first raid occurred at 6:15am at the home of Rolan Osmanov. This was reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatar People, Nariman Dzhelial.

Osmanov staged a one person protest in April 2018 outside of a historically significant building. He carried a sign that said ‘Stop Destroying Crimean Tatar History Under the Guise of Renovation.’

During the raid, an ambulance was called to the home of Osmanov for his mother. His wife and small child went out to meet the ambulance even though the FSB was still conducting their raid. The FSB agents allowed the medical team in without incident.

Shortly after at 6:30am, another raid was carried out at the home of Diliaver Bekirov. The home of his son, Ruslan, was also raided. At the home of the son, the FSB allegedly found a sign with ‘separatist’ slogans on it as well as bottle with powder inside. The FSB then took Ruslan away for drug testing.

The lawyer for Ruslan, Emine Avamileva, said that after the drug testing, Ruslan was released. The lawyer was not given any information as to why the raid happened in the first place or what criminal code had been broken that warranted the drug testing. He also said that the raids on all three homes were not conducted properly and that violations had occurred.

Neither Osmanov nor the elder Bekirov were detained after the search and have no restrictions on their movement. Ruslan is not allowed to leave Simferopol until at least May 5, 2019 when the results of his drug testing is expected to be completed.