Russian Authorities Wish to Flood a Radioactive Coalmine in the Donbas

Photo from Heather Nauert official Facebook page

The OSCE reported earlier that the Russian-backed separatists militants wanted to flood the Yunkom coal mine in the town of Bunhein eastern Ukraine. In 1979, the Soviet authorities tested a nuclear bomb inside the coal mine. The water flooding the mine was pumped so far to avoid radioactive contamination, but since the war in Eastern Ukraine erupted, the risk of flooding increased. Ukraine’s Ministry of Ecology believes the natural rising of groundwater may cause the nuclear cavern to collapse and release its radioactive waters into the Donbas water basin.

On her Twitter account, Heather Nauert asked Russian authorities to act responsibly in this situation. She wrote, “Plans By Russia proxies to flood the abandoned Yunkom coal mine – site of Soviet nuclear test in 79′ – could threaten drinking water of thousands of Ukrainians in Russia-controlled Ukraine. We urge Russia and its proxy authorities to act responsibly.