Russian agents have penetrated all international organizations, media and parties, – expert


Russia uses the democracy of European countries for its own selfish purposes. Since the times of the USSR, it has managed to introduce many agents into all international organizations, the media and political parties. National security expert, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Ivan Varchenko spoke about this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Russia uses democracy as a weakness, and like every totalitarian regime, it seeks benefits for itself in the fact that democratic countries profess freedom of speech, freedom for citizens, freedom of movement and many other freedoms that are spelled out in the constitutions of every European state,” said He.

According to the expert, like any criminal, Moscow is trying to use the decency and honesty of democratic countries for its own selfish purposes.

“This is a tradition since the times of the USSR, since there were no other ideals and ideas there other than the idea of ​​world revolution… Everything is in the interests of the party or an individual being, but not the values ​​that allow a person to feel like a human being. And, of course, they tried for a long time to put all the strong structures at their service,” he said.

Varchenko emphasized that Russian agents are present in the UN, IOC, UNESCO, IAEA and many other organizations, as well as in foreign media and political parties.

“The EU is trying to be stronger than totalitarian ambitions; they will definitely find ways to limit the activities of any agents. That is, those citizens who will work for Russia will be deprived of the opportunity to use democratic platforms to exert their pernicious influence on Western countries. But, unfortunately, the process is not as fast as we would like, and from time to time the “horns and hooves” of Russian agents become visible,” concluded Ivan Varchenko.

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Earlier, political scientist Dmitry Stratievsky noted that not all European countries have realized the danger of Russian espionage, which allows agents of the aggressor country to actively conduct subversive activities.