Russia threatens Baltic States, accusing them of sabotaging its so-called elections

Illustrative image. Photo: Free sources

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned chargés d’affaires of Baltic states in Moscow, seeing the countries governements as a threat to “elections” in Russia in March 2024.

The diplomats were summoned on 6 February to be reprimanded for “the lack of a proper response from the authorities of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to repeated appeals from the Russian side to guarantee security at the presidential elections in March this year.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry demands that the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian authorities take “all necessary measures to ensure the safety of voters”, as well as the staff of Russian embassies during the voting period.

The ministry claims these countries are at risk of facing a “serious protest” by Russian citizens if they fail to meet Russia’s demands during the elections.

“If the sabotage continues, we will act decisively in the bilateral context and in international structures, holding the Baltic authorities responsible for this position,” threatens Russian officials.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed Russia to open just one polling station in Estonia, in Tallinn, for the so-called “presidential elections” in March 2024.

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