Russia’s hybrid war aims to split Ukrainian society


The Kremlin has concentrated thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine. The threat of military escalation is real, and the Kremlin is already waging an information war. The Russian government says it wants peace, but its past and present actions show the opposite.

This was reported by UA with reference to SPRAVDI.

The hybrid war is aimed at splitting and intimidating Ukrainian society, but we remain united and together we will repel the Kremlin’s lies.

This video was prepared by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

The authenticity of this content and the reality of the threat from Russian propaganda is confirmed by Internews Ukraine, Detector Media,, VoxCheck, EuromaidanPress, Lviv Media Forum, Nakypilo, ICES and StopFake.

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As previously reported, NATO is ready for a new armed conflict in the event of failure of negotiations with Russia.

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