Russia needs components for weapons: a political scientist spoke about the purposes of Putin’s trip to China

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo:

After Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe, he had to reduce the supply of dual-use goods to Russia due to the threat of secondary sanctions. This is probably what Vladimir Putin will talk about with the Chinese leader during his visit to Beijing. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by international political scientist, director of the Center for Public Research “Ukrainian Meridian” Dmitry Levus.

“Russia needs the production of weapons, so it will look everywhere for all kinds of components, primarily for radio electronics. That is, the aggressor country can sell its oil and receive something in exchange,” he said.

The political scientist noted that Moscow also needs increased international support, which it already partially receives from Beijing.

“Russia receives it from the PRC in the form of votes, for example, in the UN Security Council, which, in general, do not provide the opportunity, due to the presence of the veto right, to apply UN sanctions against it,” Levus emphasized.

He also recalled China’s blackmail and its reluctance to attend the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.

“Initially, he was engaged in blackmail, promoting the interests of Russia, quite specifically saying that the PRC would not take part if the Russian Federation was not there. And Putin is pleased with the way China perceives the world; somewhere there is an understanding of each other,” says the political scientist.

In his opinion, the Russian dictator’s trip to China will still focus on economic issues, as well as continued support in the international arena.

“China’s maneuvering decreased slightly after Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe, where they probably discussed this (supply of dual-use goods to the aggressor country,” ed.). And at least for the sake of imitation, he needs to depict some restrictions on supplies to Russia. This means that such a rather inconvenient topic will be raised and diplomatic support on a global scale,” summed up Dmitry Levus.

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Let us remind you that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin visits China on May 16-17 for negotiations with Xi Jinping. It is reported that during the trip, the leaders of Russia and China will discuss issues of partnership and strategic interaction, “exchange views on the most pressing international and regional issues.”