Russia must pay for damage it inflicts on Ukraine – G7 foreign ministers

G7 Mjjisters

Russia must not avoid reparations for the devastation it brought to Ukrainian cities.

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries stated this in a joint communique issued after their meeting in Capri, Italy.

“Russia must pay for the damage and devastation it is causing. We condemn Russia’s recent missile and drone strikes against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and cities across Ukraine. We are determined to ensure full accountability and we support Ukraine in obtaining compensation for the loss, injury and damage resulting from Russia’s aggression,” the communique reads.

The G7 foreign ministers reiterated that Russia’s sovereign assets in their jurisdictions will be kept immobilized until Russia stops its aggression and pays for the damage it has caused.

In addition, the ministers agreed to further explore all possible mechanisms to obtain compensation from Russia, via confiscation of frozen Russian assets in particular, which will not contradict their legal systems and international law.

The G7 fully approved to the launch of the Register of Damage caused by the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine that is already operational.

The G7 ministers also paid attention to tightening sanctions against Russia, especially in the energy sector which remains the major source of profit for Russia and its war efforts.

“We will continue to take steps to tighten compliance and enforcement of the oil price cap. While working to maintain supply stability, we will respond to price cap violations, including by imposing additional sanctions measures on those engaged in deceptive practices while transporting Russian oil and against the networks Russia has developed to extract additional revenue from price cap violations. We will continue taking steps to limit Russia’s future energy revenues,” the statement reads.

Previously, the Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe acknowledged Russian oil refineries as military targets.

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