Russia is speculating on the security of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant due to the lack of success at the front, – the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

The Russian Federation has strategic failures along the entire line of defense. The enemy is trying to prevent the danger from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including their tool – speculation on the safety of the Zaporizhzhia NPP. This was stated on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by the Ukrainian statesman, chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2005-2010), Army General of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh.

“Russia understands that we will never go for any shelling, explosions, offensive operation against the ZNPP. She is trying to speculate that supposedly it is we who want to create some kind of zone that will lead to a stop and then an explosion of the station, ”he said.

The speaker noted that at the same time, the Russians are working against themselves because they show the world that they are shelling a nuclear power plant and keeping military equipment there.

“The Russians are showing the world that they are now in control of the station, they are creating conditions for undermining the station, placing ammunition, equipment, and explosives there. They also provoke a strike. There were several facts when they themselves attacked the territory of the station, and this was recorded by means of tracking control, ”added Malomuzh.

He is also convinced that the Russian Federation will not be able to move from blackmail to action.

“Already the station is controlled not only by the IAEA, but by intelligence means from the USA, Britain, European countries, China. Therefore, at the moment it is a question not only of the security of Ukraine, but of international security as a whole,” the expert noted.

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