Russia is preparing an aviation group for strikes on Ukraine – expert opinion

Perhaps in Russia they are also beginning to form some kind of united forces, to apply a united approach. Mikhail Samus, director of the Center for Army Research and Disarmament Conversion, expressed this opinion in an interview with the FREEDOM TV channel, commenting on the British intelligence report that Russia is creating a new aviation group for strikes against Ukraine.

“Perhaps this is being done due to the fact that Russian aviation has suffered losses, including professional pilots, and therefore some kind of combat group is being created from trained pilots on good aircraft who will be able to perform tasks precisely under the command of the infrastructure that conducts directly operation,” he said.

According to the expert, in Russia there is still no concept of what a joint operation is. Ukraine has a command of the Joint Forces.

“Joint forces, a joint operation is when the forces of different types of armed forces are recruited in accordance with the tasks that need to be performed in a specific operation, and all this is commanded by one commander, to whom the sector commanders are already subordinate. They are not divided into divisions, they are not divided into commanding types of the Armed Forces,” Samus explained.

And in Russia they continue to fight, as in the Soviet Union.

“There are still types of armed forces that need to be given a command. It is impossible directly, for example, if there is target designation for some target, to transmit this target designation directly horizontally, or along the nearest vertical, which commands the operation in this area. And it is possible through a large circle, through the commanders who are responsible for the air component, and so on. This specially dedicated group will participate precisely in the operation against Ukraine in order to work more effectively on the same target designation data, which, of course, is more at the front than going through the general headquarters, ”summed up Mikhail Samus.
As previously reported, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is confident that Ukraine should receive long-range artillery and weapons systems. Also, according to her, the European Union has launched a plan to produce additional ammunition for Ukraine. In particular, the EU sent half a billion euros to European arms companies to modernize equipment, open production lines and train personnel.