Russia — Iran — North Korea: what a threat to global security is the cooperation of states

The Ministry of Defense of Iran announced the finalization of the agreement on the delivery of military aircraft from Russia. Back in March 2023, it became known about the conclusion of a contract between Iran and the Russian Federation for the purchase of fourth-generation Su-35 fighters. The value of the contract and the number of aircraft that Iran will receive were not reported. Moscow is strengthening cooperation with Tehran and Pyongyang in exchange for the supply of weapons. For more details, see the material of the FREEDOM TV channel.

The Su-35 fighter jet, Mi-28 attack helicopters and Russian-made Yak-130 training aircraft will soon be at the disposal of the Iranian military, the Ministry of Defense of Iran announced.

“Modern Russian-made military aircraft will definitely come to Iran’s disposal, and the relevant processes are currently underway,” said Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Mahdi Farahi in an interview with Iran’s Tasnim news agency.

Tehran has already received the first training planes — Iranian pilots are trained on them. According to experts, the supply of Russian military aircraft to Iran can pose a serious threat to the region. After all, Tehran will be able to secure its military facilities and complete the creation of nuclear weapons.

“This leads to the strengthening of China’s proxy countries, it automatically raises China’s role and place in international relations. Both Iran and Russia are tools for him to implement his policy in one or another region. He will remove or shelve these tools as needed. The Russian-Ukrainian war is a reconstruction of the European security system taking into account the interests of China. The Middle East, the war, from my point of view, is a stretching of resources and a weakening of the USA,” noted international expert Ruslan Osypenko.

Tehran and Moscow began to actively get closer after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Iran has provided Russia with thousands of kamikaze drones, which the Russian army uses to attack peaceful Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure, as well as drone production technology.

“The strengthening of the alliance between Russia and Iran poses a threat to stability in the Middle East. Iran supplies Russia with kamikaze drones and is now seeking Moscow’s support as restrictions on Iran’s missile program expire. Iran and Russia are also strengthening ties with China and North Korea,” said Seth Franzman, an analyst at the American Center for the Defense of Democracies, on the website of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Now Russia expects to receive Iranian ballistic missiles of the “surface-to-surface” class. John Kirby, a representative of the US National Security Council, said: Iran is already supplying the Russian Federation with artillery shells, guided aerial bombs and may be preparing to transfer short-range ballistic missiles.

“… Recently, the use of guided bombs by the Russian occupation group has increased. These are modified FAB-500, KAB-500 and RPK-500, which are supplemented with special modules. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use them in the Lyman and Kherson directions,” says the report of the Institute for the Study of War.

Russia also strengthens cooperation with North Korea. Moscow is forming a military package that Pyongyang will receive in exchange for its ammunition.

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain reported that the DPRK sent more than a thousand containers of ammunition to Russia. Meanwhile, the North Korean army began placing weapons in the demilitarized zone near the border with South Korea. Seoul has vowed to retaliate.

“Aggravation is possible on the Korean Peninsula, because the main task now of both Russia and China is to change the existing security system, to undermine it and, as a result of the chaos that will prevail in the security sphere, to build a new order,” Osypenko believes.

Pyongyang also said that on November 27, a North Korean spy satellite photographed the White House, the Pentagon and a US naval base. The Pentagon did not confirm this information.