Russia hits residential area in Kharkiv with bombs, kills 3 civilians and injures 19

One of the destroyed buildings in Kharkiv. Photo: National Police of Ukraine

Russia has once again attacked Kharkiv with guided aerieal bombs, resulting in damagind a residential bulding and deaths of three civilians.

This was first reported by the mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov.

“Early reports indicate that Kharkiv has been struck four times. A densely populated residential area has been reportedly hit,” Kharkiv mayor wrote on Telegram.

In an hour, President Zelenskyy provided an update on the situation and revealed a video from the site.

“The debris is being cleared. All necessary services are on the scene. As of now, there are 19 wounded and 3 dead. My condolences to everyone who lost their loved ones,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on X.

He urged Ukraine’s allies to provide necessary means allowing to protect civilians from Russian bombs constantly taking their lives and eliminating their homes.

“This Russian terror with guided aerial bombs must and can be stopped. Bold decisions from our partners are needed so that we can destroy Russian terrorists and Russian combat aircraft where they are,” Zelenskyy stressed.

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