Russia facing significant labour shortages in some sectors, at least partially caused by war in Ukraine — UK Defence Intelligence

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Russia keeps suffering from a labour shortage, which is becoming a significant issue in some sectors.

Defence Intelligence reported this on X on May 20.

The labour shortage is at least partially caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine, as many workers were mobilised into Russia’s Armed Forces while the other professionals emigrated in order to avoid the mobilisation.

Referring to Russian media, UK Intelligence claims that Russia lacked 4.8 million workers in 2023.

“Putin’s total mobilisation of his economy is simply not sustainable. And he knows it,” – Grant Shapps commented on the report.

“If all allies match the UK’s pledge to maintain support to Ukraine for the next 6 years we can exploit this weakness and make it impossible for the Russian economy to maintain its war effort,” UK Secretary of Defence stressed.

Russian lawmakers may adjust the Russian labour code to address the labour shortage to move workers to areas with a labour shortage.

In 2023, UK Defence Intelligence had already reported such tendency in Russia. Then, the analysts noted that the shortage of workers in Russia’s non-defence industries had increased due to mobilisation and conscription, with the IT sector suffering the most.

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