Russia Detains Another Ship in the Azov

Photo from Facebook Andrii Klymenko

The Russian Federal Security Service has detained the Ukrainian bulk carrier Amadore in the Sea of Azov, Crimea expert Andrii Klymenko wrote on Facebook.

As of 10:00 am Saturday, the ship was detained. Usually, detentions last about 3 hours, Klimenko said. But this vessel has been waiting for permission in the Kerch Strait for 119 hours.

The owner of Amadore is a company from Odessa.

Only Thursday, the United States Department of State condemned the Russian Federation’s harassment of shipping in the Azov Sea.

From April 29 to July 10 this year, the  Russian Federation detained 93 ships heading for Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea through the Kerch Strait , regardless of the flag.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure is requesting a protest be brought forward to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He’s asked that the issue of the joint use of the Sea of Azov and the regulation of the rules of navigation be raised. This year, as of July 16, the number of vessels illegally  detained by Russia  for inspection was already 148.

Ukraine has said it will raise the issue of detentions in the Sea of Azov at the tribunal for maritime law.