Registration for external independent testing-2018 starts today in Ukraine

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People willing to take part in the external independent testing must use the “Register” service to create and print a registration card, which is one of the mandatory documents for registration.

This is reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of Education Quality.

Upon creation of the registration card, the future participant of the EIT must form a set of registration documents. Students, who take part in the STA in the form of an external testing this year, submit the set of documents to the educational institution in which they study, and the rest of the persons send it themselves (preferably by registered letter) to the regional centre indicated in the control letter. Registration guidelines including the list of documents required for registration are available in the section “For Participants / Registration Procedure”.

The person who has successfully completed the registration will receive a certificate of external independent testing from the regional centre, a newsletter and a registration notice of the participant. These documents will be sent to the students, who take part in the STA in the form of an external qualification, to the educational institution in which they study. Other categories of people will receive the documents to the address specified during registration.

ATO participants and those who live in the occupied territories will be able to register in May. For this everyone should have a passport, birth certificate will not be accepted starting from this year.

During the university admission process, the certificates of the two previous years will be accepted from all subjects, except for a foreign language. This year, foreign language testing will take place in a new way: the applicant will perform not only written tasks; they will also demonstrate how they comprehend the language.

According to preliminary estimates, this year, 360 thousand people will come to the EIT.

Source: UATV