Record Long Flag of Ukraine was Unfurled at Khreshchatyk

About 700 employees of the central and regional departments of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine took part in the event, according to Ukrinform.

The Treasury staff deployed the flag on the sidewalk side of the main street of the capital, from European Square and from Besarabska Square – specifically from the crossroads of Khreshchatyk and the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi streets – meeting at Independence Square.

As the head of the State Treasury Service Tetiana Sliuz noted, the current unfurling of the flag was the final event of the All-Ukrainian campaign “Let’s Unite Ukraine,” which began in August 2017. During this campaign, regional treasury employees gradually added parts to the flag bearing the names of their settlements. According to her, the total length of the flag is 1 km 59 m 95 cm.

“It is this flag that we presented together today to Ukraine. It symbolizes cohesion, patriotism, faith in the fact that our territorial integrity will become a reality for Ukraine state in the near future and those enemies who attacked our state should know and remember that the territorial integrity of our state, washed by the blood of our heroes, is inviolable and inseparable,” Slyiz said.

She also stressed that the deployment of the giant national flag has demonstrated that Ukraine is united and indivisible, because it includes the flags of the territorial departments of the State Treasury Service of the Autonomous Republics of Crimea and of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The representative of the Book of Records of Ukraine noted that the flag was a record for Ukraine.