Putin’s rapid recognition of problems with mobilization is a sign of its ineffectiveness – British intelligence

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unusually rapid acknowledgment of problems with the announced “partial mobilization” is a sign of its ineffectiveness over its first week.

The UK Ministry of Defense said this in its latest intelligence update published on Twitter.

“On 29 September 2022, President Putin addressed his National Security Council on the ‘partial mobilization’ he had announced on 21 September. He said, ‘a lot of questions are being raised during this mobilization campaign, and we must promptly correct our mistakes and not repeat them.’ Putin’s unusually rapid acknowledgement of problems highlights the dysfunction of the mobilization over its first week. Local officials are likely unclear on the exact scope and legal rationale of the campaign,” – the ministry said.

It added that the Russians have almost certainly drafted some personnel who are outside the definitions claimed by Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“As drafted reservists continue to assemble at tented transit camps, Russian officials are likely struggling to provide training and in finding officers to lead new units,” the ministry said.

The “partial” mobilization was announced in Russia on September 21. After that, hundreds of thousands of Russians fled their country.

Moreover, many protests against mobilization swept through Russia. These protests were most effective in the national regions of Dagestan and the Caucasus.

From February 24 to October 2, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed more than 60,000 Russian soldiers.

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