Putin is on the verge of a historic defeat Russia has not seen since the fall of the USSR – Dickinson

The announcement of mobilization in the Russian Federation and the annexation of part of Ukrainian territory is the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the understanding that he is losing a full-scale war against Ukraine. It is on the brink of a historic defeat Russia had not seen since 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. This opinion was expressed by the publisher of Business Ukraine and Lviv Today magazines Peter Dickinson on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Putin is on the verge of a historic defeat that Russia has not seen since 1991. He has an understanding that he will lose this war. And now Putin is raising the stakes like a man losing at a casino: higher and higher. There is a high probability that with such stakes [as partial mobilization] he will lose to the Russian society,” – Dickinson said.

He noted that the situation inside Russia is no longer stable, including due to the mobilization of men of military age.

“We saw what happened in Dagestan. And the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was very important when he addressed directly the people from Dagestan [calling not to go to die in the war unleashed by Putin]. It was a cunning move, because he also understands the weakness of the Russians and the Putin regime, ” – the publisher emphasized.

In the international arena, according to Dickinson, it is not worth ignoring all the threats of the Russian president, especially when it comes to nuclear blackmail.

“We are talking about things that cannot be completely ignored – this is security in the world and the existence of Ukraine. But, of course, it is also not necessary to react to each of Putin’s words. The person wants to be the center of attention. This should be kept in mind, but it is not necessary to respond to his every wild threat, ” – he said.

Dickinson stressed that the best response to the threats of the Kremlin regime would be consistent support for Kyiv.

“Strengthen sanctions against Russia and send a clear message that the Western world will support Ukraine until victory. And no compromises,” – concluded Peter Dickinson.

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