Putin became hostage by his security system – military expert

The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, has a difficult security situation today. He became a hostage of his system. In Russia, a palace coup is quite possible, and such a scenario is the most likely. This opinion was voiced by a military expert, a retired counterintelligence colonel Mykhailo Prytula, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Putin is now in a very difficult situation, in fact, in terms of security. He has doubles, they are called “twos” in the Kremlin, generally approximated in Moscow. There are several of these “twos”. And when you look, say, at the podium on Red Square, as a character sitting there, who plays the role of the president of Russia, this is not Putin. He absolutely calmly communicates with a huge number of people, sits in a crowd of veterans who are absolutely unfamiliar to him. And a day later, we see that he rewards, for example, military personnel who were in isolation for a week before getting to him. Such illogicalities confirm the fact that these are twins, ”Prytula shared his opinion.

The presence of twins is a seeming calmness, a seeming measure of protection. But in fact, the problem of the security of the Russian president, the expert believes.

“If, for example, the president’s entourage decides to isolate him from society or kill him, then it doesn’t cost them anything to do this and put another Putin in his place. And no one can prove that it’s different. Just how Putin will prove that he is Putin, and not a double. Who will determine this? Putin’s head of security? That is, Putin is already being held hostage, in fact, by his security system,” Prytula said.

He does not rule out that there may be a Kremlin conspiracy. And then nothing will stop you from simply replacing Putin with some character who will say, for example, that he is tired, is leaving, is holding democratic elections, and so on. This scenario is very likely, Prytula believes.

“We remember what happened, for example, with Gorbachev, how he was isolated in Foros, and instead of him some kind of State Committee on the State of Emergency came out, unknown to anyone. An unconstitutional body began to rule a huge country, even if for a few days, but nonetheless. Here the situation can be the same, ”said the guest of the broadcast.

But Gorbachev was conspicuous, famous among the leaders. And Putin is easy to replace, says Prytula.

“Everyone knew that Gorbachev was Gorbachev, a man with a large birthmark on his head, it was difficult to replace him. But in this case, it is very easy to replace, because there are already three or four doubles there. Any of the “twos” can replace the head of the Russian Federation by agreement, let’s say Naryshkin, Bortnikov, Patrushev, or Putin’s security chief. And everyone else will agree with that. This is how a palace coup can be made absolutely calmly. This is the most optimal scenario, in which there is nothing fantastic, ”the expert noted.

Mikhail Pritula also drew attention to the fact that such things are in the traditions of Russia. And there have been revolutions more than once.

“Such scenarios are quite possible, they are in the tradition of the Kremlin palace coups. 100-year tradition of coups,” he added.

When this coup happens depends on how great the patience of Putin’s entourage will continue to lose their positions, their positions in the world, in finance, in the economy.

“The further the process goes, the more they lose. Therefore, in the end, all this must stop with the fact that they will say: how long. How much can you mock us?” Prytula said.

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Psychologist and profiler Dmitry Popov has previously said that there are four types of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Doubles of the head of the Kremlin differ in behavior, manners and degree of energy.