Prigozhin does not want to try on the role of the “downed pilot” that the Kremlin has prepared for him, – expert

There is no force in the current Russian politicum that supports the private military company (PMC) Wagner. This opinion was voiced by Russian human rights activist and founder of the public project Vladimir Osechkin on the FREEDOM TV channel.

The guest of the broadcast noted that the founder of PMC Prigozhin does not want to accept his fall from the “Olympus”, which he invented for himself.

“Prigozhin does not want to come to terms with his fall from that Olympus, which he invented for himself in his Telegram channels. He doesn’t want to try on the role of a “downed pilot” that the Kremlin and Russian generals prepared for him, whom he tried hard to insult at the end of last year, ”said the guest on the air.

He recalled that Prigozhin is no longer allowed to recruit prisoners unlimitedly and send them to war.

“The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not help him deliver them by military aircraft to the place of deployment, limited him with ammunition, so they simply put him in his place, pointed him out to him, and now he is forced to try to find some way out of this situation, because they are watching him tens of thousands of mercenaries, great hopes are pinned on him, because he promised them a lot. But he, with his current powers in Russia, which are equal to zero, cannot offer them anything,” the human rights activist summed up.

Osechkin believes that Yevgeny Prigozhin was counting on a kind of “elevator” in the Kremlin towers for himself after participating in the Russian war against Ukraine. However, everything happens exactly the opposite.

“In the current political life of Russia, there is no force that would support the Wagner PMC. And Prigozhin wants to build a certain platform for the future from among the prisoners and former prisoners who partially support him, mercenaries in order to raise these marginal layers, opposing himself to the same Shoigu (head of the Russian Defense Ministry – ed.) And the Moscow oligarchs. He hoped for the whole of 2022 for some kind of gratitude, that for his participation in this bloody massacre and what he did, sacrificing a huge number of people, throwing their lives at the feet of Putin, the head of the Kremlin would allow him to this “elevator” to rise to the same level with the oligarchs. Or, perhaps, endowing him with some kind of ministry or director’s chair in one of the federal services. But that doesn’t happen. He is kept at a distance, because he is a dirty person, ”Osechkin noted ..

According to the guest of the air, the prospect of Prigozhin, at best, comes down to a cell for life-sentenced prisoners.

“Obviously, they will now try to attribute the largest number of crimes against humanity and war crimes to him. He does not agree with this role. Prigogine does not want to go to jail, he does not want to be killed. And he is looking for some way out of this situation. But he doesn’t have any serious prospects, in my opinion, ”summed up the guest on the air.

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