Poll: 62% of Ukrainians support joining NATO, 68% – EU

62% of Ukrainians support Ukraine’s accession to NATO, 30% have a negative attitude to this initiative. This is the result of a poll conducted by the “Rating” sociological group on February 16-17, 2022.

In the last two months, the level of support for joining the North Atlantic Alliance has increased. At the end of 2021, 55-58% of respondents supported the accession.

When looking at the previous observations of the “Rating” sociological group, this is the highest indicator of a positive perception of Ukraine’s integration into NATO since 2014.

In addition, 68% support joining the European Union, 24% do not.

The survey shows that support for EU accession has risen over the past two months, reaching its highest level in research history since 2013.

The idea of ​​Ukraine’s integration into Western structures is more supported by respondents from the western part of the country, while residents of the southern part show less support. Among the eastern Ukraine residents, the number of NATO supporters is smaller than the number of opponents.

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55% of respondents believe that Ukraine should withdraw from the Minsk agreements if Russia recognizes the so-called Donbas republics as independent states.

Three out of fifteen former Soviet republics have become members of NATO. Ukraine has close relations with the Alliance, and since 2014, its cooperation with the body has enchased. The Kremlin expected to demand a guarantee that NATO won’t expand east, so Ukraine and Georgia would not join the Alliance. However, Biden’s administration states that NATO adheres to the open doors policy.

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Ukraine’s membership of NATO, as well as EU aspirations, are stipulated as a goal in the Constitution of Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed Ukraine’s right to join NATO as outlined at the Bucharest summit in 2008. He stated this during his press conference on February 15, when answering journalists’ questions.

“The Bucharest decision stands. Nato strongly believes that all nations have the right to choose their own path,” Stoltenberg assured.